Entertainment facilities across countries begin to open their doors following the pandemic crisis and they are taking additional steps to provide cleaning and disinfection at the highest level possible.

Visitors and tourists are eager to visit museums, casinos, cinemas and concerts while at the same time feeeling safe to do so.

To reduce the spread of germs on all commonly touched surfaces and objects, owners of entertainment facilities started using fogging, fumigation, and wide-area or electrostatic spraying, which is not recommended as a primary method of surface disinfection and has several safety risks to consider.

NUVTON® XT is a perfect addition to regular cleaning protocols, as it can be used quickly, effectively and exactly on the spot where needed, while at the same time preserving materials and not causing any harmful fumes that would potentially iritate visitors.

NUVTON® can be used for high touch surfaces and objects in different scenarios, like:

  • CASINOS – slot machines, game tables, cards, coins, tokens, seats, lockers, cashiers, toilets
  • ENTERTAINMENT VENUES – seats, tables, vending machines, accessories used by many people as special equipment, uniform, balls, cues, tokens
  • CINEMAS – seats, sales counter, vending machines, accessories like 3D glasses
  • AMUSEMENT PARKS, MUSEUMS – sales counter, entrance area, toilets, vending machines, accessories used by many people like headphones, cards, tokens
  • EXHIBITIONS, CONCERTS and FESTIVALS – entrance areas with sales counter, cashiers, seats, cards, toilets, dining areas
  • BROADCASTING – microphones, headphones, camera and other working equipment