What´s in the NUVTON® set?

1. NUVTON® XT sterilizer

Professional UV-C handheld sterilizer

NUVTON® sterilizer is professional handheld electronic disinfection device, that enables fast, contact-less, dry, chemical free disinfection and it is one of the best alternative or addition to wet chemical disinfection. 

Use it for

disinfection of all surfaces and objects


UV-C protection base

NUVTON® XT PAD is a specially designed UV-C protection base for the placement of your NUVTON® XT sterilizer. NUVTON® XT PAD is made from PMMA with the AIRGILL™ cooling system for the
induced UV-C heat.

AIRGILL™ are specially designed cuts on the side of the pad allowing for appropriate air flow while at the same time protecting from UV-C irradiation leakage.

Use it for

  • place the sterilizer on the pad at the start / when switching the device on
  • place the sterilizer on the pad when you stop working / switch the device off
  • temporary place the switched on sterilizer on the pad during operation when needed (not more than 1 minute)

3. NUVTON® cable

Connection cable

NUVTON®  power cable is made from industrial high-grade rubber and is an essential part of your NUVTON® sterilizer. It´s length is 5 meters, type F socket. You can also plug the power cable into standard power extension cord when longer distance is needed.

Use it for

connecting your sterilizer to electrical socket


UV-C protection visor

NUVTON® visor is specially designed UV-C protection visor that you need to put on while sterilizing surfaces and objects to protect your face and eyes. To increase your comfort during wear, there are special cut-outs on the visor foam allowing for air ventilation behind the visor (FOG REDUCING DESIGN).

Use it for

  • protection of your face and eyes

5. NUVTON® cloth

Microfibre cloth

NUVTON® cloth is a special textile microfibre cloth for the cleaning of NUVTON® visor.

Use it for

for wiping of the visor front and back surface


UV-C protection gloves

NUVTON® gloves are specially designed UV-C protection gloves made from leather to protect your hands and skin against UV-C irradiation.

Use it for

  • protection of your hands / skind

7. NUVTON® user manual

The instruction manual is an essential part of NUVTON® XT SET.
You should read the manual carefully before use!

Use it for

learning how to use and maintain your NUVTON® set

8. NUVTON® disinfection checklist

The purpose of the disinfection checklist is to quickly remind you about the proper disinfection process (distance, speed, surface) and the required dosage of UV-C irradiation for a successful disinfection.

Use it for

learning and reminding how to disinfect 


Military grade case

NUVTON® case is a military grade certified (ATA 300, DEF STAN 81-41, STANAG 4280) storage case that offers superior protection for your NUVTON® XT sterilization

It is made from polypropylene that is shockproof (IK08) and watertight (IP67). The inside of the case includes a specially designed foam to protect all your
NUVTON® accessories.

Use it for

  • protection and a safe carrying of your NUVTON® sterilizer and accessories