Smaller and larger manufacturing companies have a high frequency of employees coming and going to work every day, and the number of people increases with visits from suppliers, customers and potential new employees. People can bring unwanted viruses, bacteria, from home to the company, which can then lead to the development of infections that make people sick and consequently leads to sick leave.

Meetings are also part of everyday life in manufacturing companies and all places where meetings are held (meeting rooms, tables and chairs, presentation devices), can become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and are an undesirable by-product of reality. People can get unwanted bacteria into the body by touching the infected surface and get sick if they then touch the nose, mouth or eyes, as viruses and bacteria survive on the surfaces longer. Therefore, maintaining basic hygiene and regular hand washing is essential, which an employer, does not have much influence over. However, employer can influence the regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and thus reduce the possibility of transmission of infection between employees or partners.

NUVTON® XT is convenient solution for disinfection of surfaces and objects for all highly touched surfaces and objects in all kinds of manufacturing companies:

  • entry and exit areas (doors, knobs, buttons, elevators)
  • production lines and working places with all working surfaces, tools, devices and uniforms used by many people
  • offices with computer equipment, printers, works supplies, desks, chairs, etc.
  • snack and dining areas
  • toilet areas

Disinfection of surfaces and devices in manufacturing companies

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