For vacation-eager tourists, being able to use services offered by hotels, restaurants and guesthouses means a chance to return to their favourite activities, while for owners and employees in the hospitality industry – a chance to run their business. However, due to the pandemic, they have to operate under strict sanitary restrictions. Disinfection of hotel rooms, restaurants and shared areas is an absolutely crucial issue on which tourism industry workers offering accommodation services must place special emphasis these days. 

UV-C method is particularly well-suited for hospitality — today and in a post-pandemic world, where travelers will continue to expect a higher standard of health and safety. Top three reasons that make UV-C an ideal disinfection method for the hospitality industry:

UV-C is a touch-free disinfection solution that not only integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, but also streamlines them.

Unlike chemical disinfection, which requires hotels to continuously purchase liters of chemicals and the single-use PPE needed to apply them, NUVTON® handheld UV-C sterilizer requires next to no recurring costs, aside from that of the electricity required to run it. Plus, UV-C’s unmatched efficacy against pathogens means fewer outbreaks — which can save hotels hundreds of thousands by preventing shutdowns.

It’s no secret that chemical disinfectants are toxic; their health effects have been well-documented. Improper use can lead to respiratory issues, organ damage, and other serious health consequences. Long-term use, potentially even at concentrations considered to be safe, has been linked to progressive lung disease and cancer among nurses and janitorial staff.
The pandemic, which has increased the use of chemicals, has exacerbated these health risks. Hotel staff, hotel guests, particularly children, may develop respiratory irritation and other health issues as a result.

NUVTON® UV-C sterilizer presents a safer and more effective alternative that can eliminate the risks of toxic chemical disinfection entirely.


  • hotel room furniture: beds, tables, chairs, closets, etc.
  • bathrooms with showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilet amenities
  • reception areas, dining and recreation areas
  • keys, cards, bracelets
  • cash registers
  • towels, deck chairs, dryers
  • door knobs, elevator buttons


  • tables, chairs, seats
  • tableware, glasses, cutlery
  • table price lists and menu lists 
  • cruet stands and table decoration
  • toilet 
  • bar surface
  • entrance areas, doors, knobs, hooks, hangers
  • POS terminals, cash register and payment pads

Disinfection of hospitality facilities

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