As an owner, you have invested a lot of your budget to purchase top-of-the-line  equipment, since you are aware that attractive facility is a key for attracting more customers and guaranteeing success. If wellness equipment, massage tables, sofas, monitors and benches begin to malfunction and surfaces begin to crack, rust and get scratched, you’ll have to replace them, which will cost you twice as much.

No one wants to use any machine that has lost its appeal and smells of day-old sweat, so regular and appropriate cleaning is of the utmost importance. The consequences of dirty equipment go well beyond just aesthetics. The spread of germs and viruses through contact with equipment is a serious health concern, especially during a pandemic.

There are many cleaning solutions on the market today, like sprays and wipes, but certain chemicals inside those solutions, cause serious degradation of your  equipment, causing them to break down, become corroded, discoloured and ultimately lead to malfunction unable to repair.

Disinfection with NUVTON® UV-C sterilizer is free of chemicals and has no harmful effects on your valuable equipment that is part of hair salon, beauty salon, massage salon, wellness, fitness or gym. You can quickly and reliably disinfect all surfaces, objects and equipment in your studio, training room, health club, dance school or martial arts school.

It can be also used for disinfection of wardrobes, locker rooms, toilets and on all points that customers frequently touch. By using non contact UV-C disinfection you will kill viruses, germs in seconds and maintain the appearance of new for your valuable equipment.


  • cutting capes
  • salon aprons
  • towels
  • combs and brushes
  • styling chairs
  • scissors, hair cutting shears
  • hair dryers, curling irons
  • shampoo chairs and bowls
  • cash desk
  • entrance areas, hangers, hooks


  • beauty salon chairs
  • beauty beds and sofas
  • salon trolleys
  • facial and nail machines
  • working beauty equipments
  • manicure stations
  • nail polish racks
  • working tables
  • entrance areas, hangers, hooks
  • cash register


  • massage tables
  • hydraulic chairs
  • trolley carts
  • shelves
  • massage accessories
  • entrance areas, hangers, hooks
  • locker room
  • reception desk with payment pad
  • toilet areas
  • towels


  • fitness equipment like training bench, treadmill, dumbbell set, barbell set, rowing machine, elipticals, balance trainers
  • locker rooms
  • wardrobes
  • fitness accessories like excercise mats, bands, step platforms, ropes, gloves, balls
  • entrance areas
  • reception desk with payment pad
  • shelves, hangers, hooks


  • spa beds, stools, trolleys, chairs
  • locker rooms, wardrobes
  • hair dryers
  • keys, cards, bracelets
  • towels, gowns
  • toilet and bathroom areas, showers
  • doors, knobs, switches, handles
  • reception desk
  • cash register with payment terminal

Disinfection of well-being facilities

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