NUVTON® - the right choice


The only one with TRU UVC

NUVTON® is the only UV-C handheld sterilizer on the market with integrated real time UV-C sensor control (SENSOTRONIQ) and applied BURNTEQ technology. NUVTON® devices use only industry leading UV-C sources from PHILIPS with applied Burnteq technology calibration. It is one of the only handheld devices on the market to have controlled measured TRU-UVC output with always appropriate level of disinfection output.

100% made in EU

NUVTON® device is 100% developed and produced in EU Slovenia and is the result of experienced Slovenian development team with numerous years of expertise in the industry of production of Electronic components, lighting technology and UV technology with strong background in automotive industry.

Proven UV-C technology

NUVTON® disinfection technology is based on UV-C method (253,7nm wave length irradiation), proven in medical and microbiological sector and used in medicine and hospitals for more than 70 years. UV-C frequencies destroy microorganisms with breaking their DNA.

Easy to use

NUVTON® is easy to use with simple scanning over the surfaces and objects from distance up to 10 cm. Device achieves disinfection rate of 99,99% on surfaces and objects in only 2-3 seconds.

Certified for safety and efficiency

NUVTON® device has acquired all needed tests and certificates for professional use that ensure its safety and efficiency: SIQ - Slovenian Institute for Quality and Metrology part of IQNET - International certification network, Certified EU Microbiological laboratory Microbium Oxytech Asselum - photometric laboratory, Barcelona Spain, CE mark conformity report

Most complete handheld sterilizer set on the market

NUVTON® XT sterilizer is delivered as complete disinfection SET in a military grade NUVTON® case™ with all necessary accessories (NUVTON® visor™, NUVTON® gloves™, NUVTON® pad™, Electrical cable, Detailed User Manual, Disinfection checklist).

Competitive pricing

Quality, efficiency at competitive pricing - that´s NUVTON!