1. Use the left/right movement, the »scanning movement-SCAN«.

2. Move device at speed 15 cm per second at 10 cm distance from the surface or object.

3. ONE SCAN is one movement over the surface /object (from left to right or from right to left).

4. ONE SCAN of NUVTON® XT (at 10 cm distance, 15 cm per second in movement) applies UV-C dosage of approx.:

• NUVTON® XT 300, ONE SCAN = 4,8 mJ/cm² 

• NUVTON® XT 600, ONE SCAN = 6,2 mJ/cm² 

• NUVTON® XT 900, ONE SCAN = 7,7 mJ/cm² 

5. If you reduce the distance of scanning from 10 cm to 5 cm, the applied dosage on the object/ surface would approx. double.