“Easy to use. An ideal solution where disinfection with disinfectants and various chemicals is not possible or is very time consuming. ”


Store manager

“We want to enable all our customers the best experience. With the NUVTON® sterilizer we can prepare the vehicle for the next customer in a minute. ”


Automotive shop manager

“Since I started using NUVTON® XT, I haven’t had any problems with breathing, headaches, and irritated skin due to disinfectants. “



“It´s in our everyday practice to thoroughly clean our restaurant. With the sterilizer, we have raised hygiene to the highest rate. Not to mention there are no monthly expenses. ”


Owner of a restaurant

“A healthy mind in a healthy body, we want that for our customers as well. Because NUVTON® XT works based on UV-C light, there is no unhealthy fumes from chemicals and also doesn´t cause any damage to the equipment. “

Nina and Mateo

Personal coaches