University of Arizona microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba and his team measured germ levels in 7,000 samples collected from four typical US workplaces during an average week. The study counted bacteria on a variety of surfaces to find out which were the most contaminated. In descending order, the most germ-laden spots in the offices were telephone, desktop, water fountain handle, microwave door handle and keyboard. The average computer keyboard is infamously reported to contain anywhere between 400 and 20,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Disinfection of desktop computer, monitor and keyboard requires more care and attention. Disinfection with chemical liquids can permeate the thin outer layer of the screen, seep into the monitor, and cause damage, clouding, and discoloration. Harsh, chemical-based cleaning agents can also can strip away the display’s anti-glare coating.

Disinfection with NUVTON ® sterilizer is is a chemical-free method that leaves behind no residue. It rapidly and effectively disinfects this delicate technology without doing any damage to it. Especially when same desktops, phones, keyboards are used between different workers, effective and cost-efficient disinfection is of utmost importance to prevent the spread of germs through these high-touch items.

Another benefit of using UVC disinfection in different service companies is that it SAVES TIME and MONEY. After disinfection protocol with chemicals which itself takes more time, rooms need to be ventilated so the irritating fumes go out. With NUVTON® there is no need for ventilation, since it is completely non-toxic solution and equipment and surfaces that are being disinfected are immediately ready to be used again.


  • working desks, chairs
  • desktops, computers, monitors, phones, keyboards, tablets, mice
  • printers, scanners
  • vending machines
  • office kitchen equipment
  • drawer hooks and handles
  • cabinets, closets, wardrobe
  • office acessories like calculators, rulers, staplers
  • work equipment and tools
  • entrance doors, handles


The role of cleaning companies and their services has become a key part of the fight back against coronavirus and new challenges call for new approaches to maximise the effectiveness of normal cleaning regimes to ensure a truly deep clean.

Many cleaning services have adopted the use of UV-C products in their offering of cleaning services in addition to standard chemical cleaning procedures.

What’s more, by employing UV-C technology as the final component in their new cleaning regime, they avoid the hazards and disadvantages of chemical sprays, such as surface damage, high running costs and exposure of staff to hazardous substances, and reduce the risk of cross contamination due to poor/inconsistent cleaning practices or accidental transmission.


Just like our handbags and wallets, car interiors can be genuine nests of microbes. Several surveys carried out in recent years, revealed that a steering wheel or gear lever can have as many bacteria as a toilet seat.

Car interiors (with materials like leather, textiles, polymers) with many edges and holes are challenging for cleaning and disinfection. Frequent use of harsh chemicals can cause damage to car interiors and impact the value of the car. In this pandemic times, disinfection has become even more important for certain car users that frequently share and change passengers.

Many car wash services have took advantages of this new business opportunity and have started offering disinfection of car interior with UV-C handheld devices as a quick and effective solution.

NUVTON ® UV-C sterilizer is perfect one-time investment for car washes, which can rely to achieve always optimal disinfection results thanks to TRU UV-C technology.

Disinfection of service companies, offices

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